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O’cher blurs the lines between pop rock and Americana and unlike previos single ‘So’, the new song is more upbeat inspired by warm sentiments highlighting Franc’s innovativeness as the composer.

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The English-singing French Canadian singer-songwriter was regarded as a crucial discovery. He finally returned in 2022 with a new single, “SO,” ... A new song by Franc O’cher, “Stars At Night,” an independent soft pop/rock tune, debuts in 2023.

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I think Franc O’cher is on the right track to get back into the music business with full force, Stars at Night shows he is a seasoned song writer who knows his sound and direction very well.

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The song is melancholic yet hopeful, showcasing Franc’s skill in creating a track that speaks to the soul. It is a slow-paced song, with a soft and gentle guitar melody coupled with a light drum beat.

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It’s got a lot of power—the vocals are strong and clear, and the instrumentals are well-balanced between guitars, bass and drums. The track also has a great tempo that keeps things moving along nicely throughout the whole song.

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Un morceau indie-pop-folk emporté par la guitare de Franc, soutenue par un clavier et une section rythmique qui sait rester discrète, la star, c’est la voix, plutôt haute, et légèrement granuleuse, qui dégage toute l’énergie dont cette chanson à besoin pour communiquer l’émotion et la passion.

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This is an artist who weaves music that is soaked in emotions and holds an ecstatic vibe every time. This is also unquestionably an artist who deserves to be discovered by the general public.


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The track starts out with a guitar strumming along side the percussion and bass that introduces Franc O'cher singing, 'Here I am, Thinking about you...' This is a song about love.

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I recently came across this artist through his latest release named ‘Stars At Night’ which is one of the best tracks I’ve come across this year. The track packs some amazing vocals that project some vivid emotions that are so hard to put into words.

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Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from New Brunswick, Canada artist, Franc O’cher. Stars At Night was released yesterday (6 March 2023). Stars At Night starts with strummed acoustic guitar ...

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Franc O'cher the Canadian singer/songwriter based in New-Brunswick, has juste release his new single Stars At Night. His skillful mixing of folk pop with folk acoustic elements and pure melody is given a sense of happiness to Pop/Rock music lovers all over the world.

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Hailing from New Brunswick, musician FRANC O’CHER has released the magnificent single ‘Stars At Night’. It is a folk-pop release complete with attention-demanding lyrics, stunning instrumentation and charming vocal performances.

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Lançado durante o último dia 06, 'Stars At Night' é uma faixa que entrega para o público uma sonoridade dominada pelo violão, pela linha vocal marcante e uma sonoridade que conta tanto com elementos voltados para o folk,...

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Intitulado 'So', esse single entrega para o público uma sonoridade totalmente acústica, com ótimos dedilhados/acordes de violão, linha vocal suave/doce/melódica e uma atmosfera folk, ....

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Our discovery of the day on Pretty white is entitled ”So”, by the talented Franc O’cher, the weekend’s best tune, which will definitely make your entire musical month.

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Franc O'cher, who mixes folk pop with folk acoustic elements, is here to gift the world some of his soulful creations. His latest release, 'SO', in 2022, is an absolute musical ballad as the lyrics portray his ideas and experiences.


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En musique, la nouveauté c’est souvent une belle découverte. Découvrons cette belle balade musicale de Franc O’cher intitulé “So”. Multi instrumentaliste, ...son génie fait l’unanimité et il le démontre largement avec sa nouvelle sortie intitulé « So ».


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...Images of a little butterfly, ballerina or princess, invade the mind, mixing with the departure of the teenager full of wills and impositions, who still does not understand the pain, the actions generated by impulse, cause in the hearts involved

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“So” being the most recent. It's a sad, pop guitar ballade, having a heavy lyrical emphasis; lyrics which are melancholy but ultimately hopeful. A sparse backing piano comes and goes throughout, harmonically supporting the beautiful guitar accompaniment

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Franc O'cher is a singer-songwriter who mixes folk pop with folk and acoustic elements. He has been compared to James Bay, James Blunt, JP Cooper, and many others. His musical inspirations include the likes of Bryan Adams

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